To Catch a Fairy is the twenty-second episode of the first season of New Looney Tunes.


Bugs wakes up to discover his teeth missing. He must go head to head with the tooth fairy to get them back, who's more grumpy and rude than he ever imagined. It turns out that he had slept with his face in the pillow the night before, and his teeth had sunk under it, giving her permission to take it, because it was under the pillow. Bugs must borrow teeth from his friends to lure the fairy in, so he can get back his choppers.


Character Voice actor
Bugs Bunny Jeff Bergman
Squeaks the Squirrel Dee Bradley Baker
Tooth Fairy Carla Renata
Wile E. Coyote JP Karliak
Dentist Dee Bradley Baker


  • The scenes from the pilot version this episode were first seen in a Boomerang sneak peek. The original pilot version was animated at Toon City Animation instead of Rough Draft Korea, and had different backgrounds.
  • Without front teeth, Bugs rather resembles his earliest incarnation seen in the classic short "Elmer's Pet Rabbit".
  • It is revealed that the tooth fairy can pass through solid objects like ghosts do.


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