Fwee Wange Wabbit is the forty fourth episode of the first season of New Looney Tunes.


Vera the Vulture is dining at a restaurant, but complains that she's eaten all of the dishes multiple times, and tells the waiter she wants a rabbit. He replies that the restaurant doesn't serve rabbit, but this doesn't stop her. Desiring to eat a rabbit, Vera uses her phone app Queri to find her the freshest, juiciest rabbit in town, which leads her to Bugs Bunny's house, which she mistakes as a restaurant. Vera demands to have fresh rabbit, but not after devouring Bugs' and Squeaks' prepared meal as an appetizer. But as usual, Bugs has a plan. He first offers her a pile of garbage as a second appetizer, and gives her a nasty beverage. She becomes very angry, so Bugs puts on a cute-innocent-bunny show, and makes Vera feel guilty. He then makes dying sounds, pretending to be fried, in the kitchen, tricking Vera into trying to save him, and when Vera finds out she is disgusted. She then asks Queri to find her the manager of the resturaunt, who gives her strange and risky directions to the manager, which is really Bugs who switched her phone with another one. As a result, she gets sick and eats disgusting foods, such as grease traps and fried pickles. In the end, Bugs and Squeaks end up with all of her money, which they give as a tip to the waiter when they go out to dinner.


Character Voice actor
Bugs Bunny Jeff Bergman
Squeaks the Squirrel Dee Bradley Baker
Vera the Vulture Grey Griffin
Queri Dee Bradley Baker


  • Vera: I want rabbit, and I want to see it before it's cooked! I want it fresh!
    Bugs: Alright! If it's rabbit you want, it's rabbit you'll get!
  • Vera: Where's the manager?
    Bugs: I'm not telling!
    Vera: Query, find me the ma-....Have you seen my phone?


  • Queri was a parody of Siri, Apple's intelligent personal voice speaking assistant.


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