This is a list of characters seen on New Looney Tunes.

Name Voice actor First appearance Number of appearances
Bugs Bunny Jeff Bergman Buddha Bugs TBD
Yosemite Sam Maurice LaMarche Buddha Bugs TBD
Ninjas JP Karliak Now and Zen TBD
Squeaks the Squirrel Dee Bradley Baker Now and Zen TBD
Bigfoot Matt Mercer Sun Valley Freeze TBD
Hazmats Matt Craig Sun Valley Freeze TBD
Sir Littlechin Daran Norris St. Bugs and the Dragon TBD
Wile E. Coyote JP Karliak Leaf It Alone TBD
Cal Eric Bauza For the Love of Acorns TBD
Shameless O'Scanty Carlos Alazraqui The Game Is a Foot TBD
Carl Dee Bradley Baker The Grim Rabbit TBD
Leslie P. Lilylegs Carlos Alazraqui White House Wabbit TBD
Barbarian Steve Blum Bugsbarian TBD
Krakos the Polar Bear Dee Bradley Baker Bugsbarian TBD
Snorts Kevin Michael Richardson Not Lyin' Lion TBD
Thess Kevin Michael Richardson Not Lyin' Lion TBD
Sun Matt Craig Ice Ice Bunny TBD
Winter Stag Jeff Bennett Ice Ice Bunny TBD
Shifty Dee Bradley Baker Wabbit's Wild TBD
Jack Steve Blum Wabbit's Best Friend TBD
Shelby Dee Bradley Baker Wabbit's Best Friend TBD
Boyd Mikey Kelley Annoying Ex-Boydfriend TBD
Chickadee Kath Soucie Annoying Ex-Boydfriend TBD
Foghorn Leghorn Jeff Bergman Bugs vs. Snail TBD
Snail Mail Dee Bradley Baker Bugs vs. Snail TBD
Tooth Fairy Carla Renata To Catch a Fairy TBD
Scarecrow Carlos Alazraqui Scarecrow TBD
Cluadette Dupri Kath Soucie The Spy Who Bugged Me TBD
Rock Hardcase Eric Bauza Bugs of Steel TBD
Manner Maid Dee Bradley Baker Manner Maid TBD
Cheryl Candi Milo Grim on Vacation TBD
Pampreen Kath Soucie Carrot Before the Horse TBD
Puddin Dee Bradley Baker Carrot Before the Horse TBD
Toll Tree Dee Bradley Baker Trunk with Power TBD
Snowman Snow Wabbit TBD
Ghost Dee Bradley Baker Raising Your Spirits TBD
Terry Fred Tatasciore Dust Bugster TBD
Computer Virus Fred Tatasciore Computer Bugs TBD
Ivana Candi Milo Oils Well That Ends Well TBD
Michigan J. Frog Misjudgment Day TBD
Robot Matt Craig Misjudgment Day TBD
Robot Matt Craig Misjudgment Day TBD
Slugsworthy the First John DiMaggio Splashwater Bugs TBD
Vera the Vulture Grey Griffin Fwee Wange Wabbit TBD
Squint Eatswood Jim Ward Beaver Fever TBD
Theodore Tasmanian Jim Cummings Office Rocker TBD
Tad Carlos Alazraqui Survivalist of the Fittest TBD
Imp Richard Horvitz The IMPoster TBD
Happy Hartle Kevin Michael Richardson Fast Feud TBD
Daffy Duck Dee Bradley Baker TBD TBD
Porky Pig Bob Bergen TBD TBD

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