Bugs Bunny is the main protagonist of New Looney Tunes as well as the main character.


Bugs makes his debut in Buddha Bugs, when he peacefully tricks Yosemite into selling all his stuff.

Bugs Bunny appears in Now and Zen, when he and Squeaks run into and must defeat a pack of ninjas.

Bugs makes an appearance in The Inside Bugs, when he drives Yosemite to safety after robbing a bank, but he has a few tricks up his sleeve....

He is also in the episode, Sun Valley Freeze, when he crosses paths with Bigfoot and must help him escape from hunters.

Bugs is in St. Bugs and the Dragon, when he must save an innocent dragon from Sir Littlechin, a hostile dragon hunter.

Bugs appears in Leaf It Alone. In this episode, he has a contest with Wile E. Coyote to see who can have the best yard.

Bugs makes a major appearance in The Bigfoot in Bed, when Bigfoot drops in for a visit, but Bugs doesn't exactly invite him.

He makes an appearance in World Wide Wabbit, when he "helps" Yosemite rob a bank.

Bugs also appears in For the Love of Acorns, in which Squeaks buries his acorns and must find them - but a baseball stadium has been built over it! Bugs assists Squeaks swindle a stubborn baseball player into letting them find the acorns.

Physical appearance

Bugs, much like his original incarnation, is gray, but in New Looney Tunes, his fur appears to be a darker shade of gray. He also has his oval-shaped eyes, with black pupils. He has 3 hairs that stick up from his head, and has some whiskers, along with his jaw being white and the rest of his body looks like his generic appearance in most Looney Tunes media.


Season 1


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